Facility Overview


The facility is comprised of the ruined school building, pool area, gym site and outdoor stage.
Please note that visitors must stay behind the fences and cannot actually enter the school building and other ruined areas.

Message Panels

There are explanatory panels situated in various places around the site.


Both a commemorative monument and an altar for flower offerings have been erected.

Okawa Tsunami Memorial Hall

In addition to the exhibition area displaying photographs of before and after the disaster, a diorama, and other items, there is also a multi-purpose area for speeches, meetings etc.

Hours, charges etc.

Ishinomaki City Okawa Elementary School Ruins


9:00 – 17:00 (open every day all year round)

Entrance fee

No charge

Okawa Tsunami Memorial Hall


9:00 – 17:00 (last entry 16:30)


Wednesdays (or next day if Wednesday is a holiday)
Dec 29 – Jan 3

Special open days

11th of every month, June 12, Sep 1, Nov 5
(if special open day is a Wednesday, closed the following day)

Entrance fee

No charge


By car

  • 20 mins from Sanriku Expressway Exit 12 Kahoku
  • Free parking available
    Capacity: 50 cars, 5 buses (reservation required)

By train

  • 45 mins from JR Ishinomaki Station by taxi/rented car
  • 25 mins from JR Kanomata Station by taxi


The ruins cannot be entered. Visitors are requested to respect the no entry areas for their own safety.

It’s ok to take photographs.

Panel explanations are displayed in Japanese and English.

We suggest 60 – 90 mins to see everything.

Drinking for rehydration is permitted but visitors are requested not to eat on the grounds. Because of fire hazards, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.

There is an altar for flower offerings. Because of the fire hazard, incense burning is not permitted. Your understanding is appreciated.

There are restrooms in the Okawa Tsunami Memorial Hall, that are available for use all year 9:00 – 17:00 even on days when the Hall itself is closed.